Annual Show 2019

Flower, Vegtable and Craft Show Winners SectionPrizeWinner

Section 1 Vegetables (Best Exhibit)FJ Harris Challenge Cup - Lionel Bartram

Section 2a Vegetables Top Tray Coach & Horses Cup - Lionel Bartram

Section 2b Vegetable (Open Best Exhibit) Northgate Cup - Lionel Bartram

Section 2C Vegetables (Best Newcomer) Caerwent Playing Fields Greenhorn Cup - Andrew Gould

Section 3 Flowers (Open Best Exhibit) Verlie Davies Memorial Cup - Lionel Bartram

Section 4 Flowers (Top Vase Open) Mrs B Protheroe Rose Bowl - Terry Stone

Section 5 Home Baking Mrs Horton Tankard - Debbie Smith

Section 6 Fruit Caerwent Cross Cup - Shirley Nettleship

Section 7 Preserves Mrs Payton Cup - Fran Denly

Section 8 Home Made Wines Vine Cup - Lillie Craemer

Section 9 Children Class (up to 7 years) Ann Lewis Perpetual Cup - Megan Harris

Section 10 Children Class (8-14 years) Laurowen Cup - Lauren Deanne

Section 11 Arts & Crafts (Open) Rose Bowl - Mary Beard

(For overall best performance) Chairman’s Cup - Lionel Bartram