The Village Playing Fields Association has been around since 1974.

Set up to provide leisure facilities for members of the Caerwent community which included Crick, and St Brides Netherwent, there are extensive references to activities and fund raising events contained within the historic documents in the Community Archives on the Caerwent website (

One facility that was sctpix16btarted back in 1974 and is still running today is the Community Newsletter. This monthly publication is distributed throughout the community area by a team of volunteers and continues to be done today so also celebrating its 40th Anniversary.

It was also in 1974 that the village first had a Christmas tree at the roman wall, a tradition that also continues today.

Unlike in the early days when the committee was run by the committee who’s decisions were implemented, modern day demands and culture have made it necessary for the committee to be run as a limited company(company limited by guarantee) which protects those individuals on the committee from facing personal liability in the event of claims or actions relating to issues that may arise. There is a full constitution which requires account to be kept and guidelines on how decisions are made by the committee.

The Playing Fields Committee have organised events over the years to try and bring a variety of entertainment and culture to the residents of the community, however in recent years there has been a waning of support with events poorly supported and sometimes having to be cancelled due to lack of interest.

We now have in place a committee of keen and inspired individuals who are determined to ensure this community facility is maintained and thrives in the modern era. There have been large increases in numbers of residents over the years and with the new development at Merton Green there will be even more people who could benefit from the facilities available at the Hall and Playing Fields.

The present committee are actively looking at improving facilities at the hall so that changing room facilities will be available for adult football to return to the village in addition to the current very enthusiastic and successful junior football teams.

Your support is essential to the future of these facilities.


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