Caerwent Annual Village Fete 2022

This years fete is taking place on Saturday 3rd September 2022 at Caerwent Village Hall and Playing Fields

This year the event has been scaled down because of Covid concerns but the usuual favorites are returning following an enforced delay. The Fruit, Vegetables and Craft show schedule are avialble below

There will be a Bar, BBQ, Tea Rooms and local entertainment and representitives of the community groups located in Caerwent. This years event will be very much a local fete for the community with limited external stalls being present.

There will be demonstrations and entertainment to keep things going but on a much smaller scale than usual.

We invite you to join together with other community members, so bring along your picnics and picnic blankets and celebrate the first event since 2019.


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Fruit, Veg & Craft Show Schedule 2022

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How to find us

Please find map here